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«Trade House «Lakmar» Ltd. was established in 2004. Our main business is the import and export of high quality products and chemical raw materials that meet international standards and requirements of today's market in the segment of silicone organic products, vinylester and epoxy products. All materials exported by our company in the European Union, have been pre-registered under Regulation REACH.

Today, the range of products sold by Trade House "Lakmar" is about 300 items, including silicone enamel, silicone, heat-resistant and insulating varnishes, epoxy, waterproofing liquids, emulsions, silicone liquids, and more.

We are trusted by such companies as Knauf, Bayer, Wacker, Piccadilly, OMYA, Atul, JSC "Motor Sich", NNEGC "Energoatom", "Kievgorstroy”, PJSC "ZAZ", PJSC "Trade Alliance Nord", Corporation "Volma" , the corporation "TekhnoNIKOL" and many others.

«Trade House «Lakmar» Ltd. is an exclusive representative of such companies as:

  1. «Korona-2000» Ltd. (Ukraine)

  2. Hungarian Silicones (Hungary)

Tags: Silicone fluids, silicone emulsion, waterproofing material


Products offered by our enterprise, is possible to divide in two groups – organosilicone and epoxy materials.
Organosilicone materials possess especially valuable properties inherent only to the class of polyorganic siloxanes. Firstly, it is thermo-, frost-, weathering - and light resistance. They also have high protective and decorative properties, caused by low water absorption, high vapor transmissivity, stability of the properties in a wide range of temperatures and stability to environmental influence. We give information about electrical insulating and heat-resistant varnishes, organosilicone liquids and emulsions, enamels, ethylsilicates and methyl silica gel in the section “Organosilicone products”.
Epoxy materials are the most universal ones. They possess excellent mechanical, electrical, electrotechnical characteristics and thus making huge impact on functioning and developing of many industries. In this section, we offer our clients the following products: resins ED-20, ED-16, ED-8, E-40, P-3, sealers, epoxy enamels for front works and anticorrosive, polymeric epoxy bulk floors KENP-1,2 made by "Korona-2000" Ltd., and also mastics for rolled roofing materials and waterproofing works, also made by "Korona-2000", ltd
Products are accompanied by all necessary technical and allowing documentation. We can give the documents concerning preregistration within the frameworks of REACH for the clients from EU.


You will find more detailed description of the products and their application in the section "Products"