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Fluid "Akvaprok-1" for the outdoor water repellency

Fluid "Akvaprok-1" for the outdoor water repellency
For households developed and released to retail new repellent "Akvaprok-1" three different concentrations: "Akvaprok-1" Standard, kvaprok-1 "Concentrate" and "Akvaprok-1" "Superconcentrate".
The tool is designed for surface treatment of brick, concrete, foam concrete, rakushnyaka, plaster surfaces, limestone, asbestos, slate, tile, marble, gypsum products and other porous materials for the preparation of bulk handling plaster, lime, cement and concrete solutions.
The use of liquid "Akvaprok-1" when the outdoor water repellency in the construction and maintenance will:
  • increase the service life of buildings of 3-5, preventing the emergence and growth of fungal structures;
  • increase the hardiness of the buildings are 2-3 times the corrosion resistance of 1.5-2 times;
  • reduce the water absorption of 1.5 times;
  • conserve heat by reducing the heat transfer through the walls and ceiling;
  • Mudguard improve properties.
For more information about the product and opportunity to acquire liquid "Akvaprok-1" both wholesale and retail, please contact the managers of "Trading House" Lakmar "at the number provided in the "Contact Us ".