Enamels and primers based on alkyd varnish

Enamels and primers based on alkyd varnish

Production is accompanied by all the necessary technical and licensing documentation, and customer pre-registration within the EU Regulation REACH.



The suspension of pigments and fillers in alkyd varnish with the addition of solvents, drier and stabilizer.
Characterized by two possible modes of drying; the film formed with primer coating is resistant to temperature fluctuations from -50ºC to 60ºC.

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  • For priming metal and wood surfaces before coating with various enamels, as well as temporary corrosion protection in a single layer coating of large metal structures on the period of installation and storage.
  • The primer coating in cured state is not toxic and fireproof.
  • Shelf life: 6 months.
    GOST U 23343-78
  • Remove any dust, dirt, grease, rust, bloated and laminated old paint and other contaminants by any mechanical method.
    Degrease by wiping the surface with hair brushes, cloth soaked in gasoline, white spirit, solvent etc.
    Primer coat preparation
    • mix thoroughly;
    • dilute if necessary to working viscosity with solvent, xylol (or mixture of solvent with white spirit in the ratio 1:1).
    Apply on prepared surface. Paint only after primer coat completely dry to prevent pigments migration to enamel. Before application of nitro enamel on surface coated with primer, keep the coating in natural conditions at a temperature of 18-22 Cfor at least 6 days.
    Application methods:
    • with brush;
    • by jet flow coating;
    • by dipping;
    • by spraying.
    Material consumption: 60-100 g/m? 

Physical and chemical properties

Name of parameter and unit of measure
Viscosity by viscosimeter В3-246 with nozzle diameter 4 mm,с.
Mass fraction of solids, %
Drying time to degree 3 at temperature:
- (18-22)?С
- (100-110)°С
Not more than 12 hours
Not more than 35 min.
Coating adhesionpoints
Milling degreeum
Coating strength, measured by pendulum type M-3, conventional units, at least
Bending elastisitymm
Coating strength at temperature (20+-2)°С to a static action, h:
-nitro enamel
-3%-solution of sodium chloride
-mineral oil
Passed the test
Film impact strength, cm

Сolour: Red-brown