Enamels and primers based on alkyd varnish

Enamels and primers based on alkyd varnish

Production is accompanied by all the necessary technical and licensing documentation, and customer pre-registration within the EU Regulation REACH.

Enamel PF-115K


The suspension of pigments and fillers in alkyd varnish, a modified silicone.
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    • For protective and decorative coatings in the home, construction and industry of interior and exterior surfaces of metal and wood products, brick, concrete, cement, asbestos, pre-cleaned and degreased.
    • The coating has high performance characteristics - excellent weather resistance, frost, moisture resistance, resistance to direct sunlight.
  • The enamel film in cured state is not toxic and fireproof
  • 12 months.
    TU U 24.3-30552853-005-2003
  • Surface preparation:
    Clean and degrease the surface.
    Enamel preparation
    - thoroughly mix the enamel;
    - dilute if necessary to the desired viscosity with xylol, solvent, white spirit or the mixture of white spirit and butyl acetate in the ratio of 1:3.
    Apply the enamel on primed or not primed surface.
    The recommended primer coats are alkyd GF-021 or PF-020.
    Application methods:
    - hand method (with brush or roller);
    - pneumatic spraying (aerial or airless).
    Material consumption on the primed flat surface
    - one layer from 100 g/m2

Physical and chemical properties

Indicator and its unit
After drying, the coating must be smooth,
homogeneous, semi-matt or satin,
gloss, no foreign 
matter is allowed a small shagreen
Relative viscosity by VZ-246, with, at a temperature of (20 ± 5) °C for enamel base
not more than 60
Mass concentration of nonvolatile substance in the basis of the enamel %, not less than
Milling degree, mkm, max
Drying time to the degree 3 at a temperature of (20 ± 5) °C, h, not more than
Elasticity of enemal coating at bending, mm, not more than
Film elasticity Flexural mm, not more than
Film impact strength cm, not less than
Adhesion film points, no more
Hiding power enamel g/m2, not more than 100
The wide range of colors. Possible selection of RAL