Enamels and primers based on alkyd varnish

Enamels and primers based on alkyd varnish

Production is accompanied by all the necessary technical and licensing documentation, and customer pre-registration within the EU Regulation REACH.

Enamel PF-101 K


The suspension of pigments and fillers in alkyd varnish, modified with silicone

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    • For external and internal surfaces of brick, concrete, cement, asbestos, wood and metal products in the construction of housing, industrial buildings and in the industry.
    • The enamel has high frost, moisture resistance, resistance to direct sunlight; it is well proved for use in buildings with high humidity.
  • The enamel film in cured state is not toxic
  • 12 months.
    The Product is conformed to technical standard of Ukraine TU U 24.3-30552853-005-2003
  • Surface preparation:
    Clean and degrease the surface.
    Enamel preparation
    - thoroughly mix the enamel;
    - dilute if necessary to the desired viscosity with xylol, solvent, white spirit or the mixture of white spirit with butyl acetate in the ratio of 1:3.
    Apply the enamel on primed or not primed surface.
    The recommended primer coats are alkyd GF-021 or PF-020.
    Application methods:
    - with brush;
    - with roller;
    - by pneumatic spraying.
    Material consumption on the primed flat surface
    - one layer from100 g/m2

Physical and chemical properties

Name of parameter and unit of measure


Appearance of enamel filmAfter drying, the coating must be smooth,
uniform, semigloss or matte, with no foreign inclusions;
a slight shagreen is allowed.
Funnel viscosity by viscosimeter ВЗ-246, с,
at temperature (20±5)°С for enamel base
80 - 120
Mass fraction of solids in the enamel base, %, not less than55
Milling degree, um, no more30
Drying time to degree 3 at temperature (20±5)°С, h, no more36
Film hardness by pendulum TML (pendulum А), relative units, at least0,10
Bending elasticity of enamel coating, mm, no more1
Coating impact strength, on the device U-1a сm, at least40
Coating adhesion, points, no more1
Resistance to static action of water at a temperature of (20 ± 2°)  C, h,
at least
Spreading rate of enamel, g/m2, no more100
Colour: Wide color range is available. It is possible to select colors by RAL or costumer sample.